Sunday, 10 October 2010

The House Of The Vernacular

The first show that I have become a part of whilst working with Fabrica is the current 'House Of The Vernacular'. This exhibit is part of the Brighton Photo Biennial and runs from October 2nd until November 28th.

The exhibition is curated by Martin Parr and is a collection of photographs from around the world, mainly set in the Cold War period. The photos range from amateur to professional but are strictly not in the vain of being portrayed for art but for a specific purpose in industry or doccumentation.

The seven rooms of the 'house' include a room of black and white Brazilian photos that have been painted over in colour in a method of making family portraits look more luxurious in the days before Photoshop as well as a room slides showing West German economy and industrial stability just after World War Two.

Along side this we have photos of litter bins from around the world (1950s - 60s), journalistic images of the interiors of dictators private planes, American family photographs from the Museum Of Modern conflict and street photos of men in hats from Bogota, Colombia.

Not to mention a room full of awkward looking babies.

Where I'm At Now

Since leaving university I have taken up a volunteer position working at a Brighton art gallery called Fabrica I see this as a great opportunity to learn some more skills in the world of invigilating and helping out with exhibitions and shows.

I was interested in the gallery because of its diverse history as a former church built in the early eighteen hundreds and because of its wide array of artists from different fields, which it has had within its walls in just over a decade of existence as an art gallery.

Previous shows include work by Brian Eno, Alfredo Jaar, Allison Lapper and currently Martin Parr.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Free Range CHINE Show - July

These are a few photos of our final year exhibition in London amongst the Photography, Fine Art and Illustration courses from the AUCB. Our three courses were part of the Free Range show that took place in the Old Truman Brewery art gallery. Along side us were about five other universities and their own final year students showing their work and talent.

I spent about four days commuting back and forth to Brick Lane and got a really positive vibe from the community and artistic scene that was there. The AUCB exhbition space couldnt have been better in terms of size and atmosphere.

So here is a few pictures of what the different graduates had on offer. For my work I decided to show two large prints of the positive and negative viewpoints on places, suspended high off the walls to create a sense that people would look up and out of a voyeuristic window.

AUCB Degree Show - June

About a week before our graduation and about a fortnight before Free Range we had our end of year show and chance to show our pieces from our Final Major Projects to members of the university, public, family and friends. This was the end of what we had made of 3 years at the AUCB. The photos on the windows were pictures taken of the backs of peoples heads to represent the idea that from the outside your looking in on people looking at the work while not showing the work itself and keeping it about the character of the viewer drawing more viewers in.


Monday, 4 October 2010

Family Snaps

Photos of my neice and nephew. Love these scamps.

Helping A Mate

I was asked by my friend Vicky to help design the logo for her Fashion Studies blog Here is a few ideas for the logo which reinterpreted her original rose idea with brand new text. This really isnt my usual way of doing the work that I do but I was pleased with the results and happy to help out.


I finally managed to create myself a website during my last term of uni. Here it is. I'm pleased with it and its simplistic look, keeping things minimal and just focusing on the imagery. No fancy about me section here. The blog is for all that.

A Sense Of Place - Final Ideas