Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Marianne, Maria, Annie

I've recently completed an exhibition of my work in Worthing's Gallery 26 with the theme of female cultural depictions.




Revolution, Religion, Resuscitation

The theme of this exhibit is showing female allegory and personification in culture, society and historical context. The show is an interpretation in the form of three images that visualise the symbolic parts that the female image has played in our understanding of relating to specific areas.

Marianne, Maria, Annie explores how the feminine character shows relation to the signs of visualising an issue in poetic, artistic, spiritual and associative fashions. Three of those themes expressed in this instance are in revolutionary and nationalistic figures, religious icons and in first aid training.

This project is my own vision of characters derived from and inspired by Marianne (the state symbol of France and symbol of liberty, justice and reason), Mary the mother of God and maternal figure and finally of Resusci Annie, the likeness of a casualty used for helping to administer CPR.

Ambiguity represented by the use of their faces being obscured in some way is how I wish to show these women as part of universal female identification.