Friday, 24 April 2009

Dream Convergence - Second Year Work


Video for my animation relating to the theme of dreams being a convergence of thought sequences and underlying theme. I used a Game Boy camera to make a stop motion animation of individual still Game Boy photos. The use of the camera and its grainy effects are my way of representing how memory is skewed and reality altered in our own dreams. A persons characteristics can be blurred to show more of a memory vision of ambiguity than a persons physical appearance and the use of the distorting of scenery with these grainy low fi photos symbolises this. The music is an excerpt from a song called 'Splatterstrum' by the group called Tonesucker.

Afew stills from an animation involving the random thought sequences we experience in dreams. Some of the individual sequences symbolise common themes we dream about. The pictures for the stop motion animation were taken using a Gameboy Camera.

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