Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Gallery 26 Exhibition and Formal Launch Evening

I recently had the good fortune to come across an article in Brighton magazine XYZ ( and its other publication for my home town of Worthing ( which was advertising for a new up and coming gallery calling for local artists.

The space is called Gallery 26 and operates as a gallery, workshop, studio space and graphic novel trader based in the Worthing area, offering a chance for local and non established to get their work shown to a bigger audience.

I've felt that Worthing has needed a place like this for a long time and I was only too happy to talk things over with the founder Mark Guthrie about work and ideas. We had the formal opening of the gallery on November 27th and it couldnt have gone better, drawing in many of the local community and press.

The space shows a mixture of talent showing lots of different ideas and styles including painting, photography, illustration, street art and grafitti, sculpture and design. Other artists involved include the Skeleton Cru, which is a collective specialisng in spray paint and grafitti artwork and sculpture and David McAdam Freud, an artist from the Freud dynasty and son of Lucian Freud himself.

Praise for the show has been excellent and I have got a new interest in wanting to be a key player and submitting as much as I can to the show. Sales have been good with lots of work being brought by visitors and work of mine has sold too, including the bear and lion head I've created before. These two images are especially popular with the general public.

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