Sunday, 5 December 2010

Photographic Oportunities With Fabrica

As part of my work with Fabrica I was able to take opportunites to do photographic work with them in documenting some of their in house resident talks and artists lectures. In the two months that I worked there I was able to take part in documenting a talk by artist Jonathan Swain and his talk on Brightons 24 hour economy as part of his White Night project and as well as that I attended a very insightful talk by artist, and exhibitor of the Brighton Photo Biennial Lindsay Seers.

I am interested in Seers' avante garde approach to photography in the ways that she essentially uses her own body as a camera in methods like using the inside of her mouth as a makeshift pin hole camera. Here is a talk about some of her work as part of Channel 4's '3 Minute Wonder' series.

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